Path to Wisdom

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.”


A series of examination focused seminars conducted at a central location, with the objective of covering the important areas from an examination perspective. The selected schools will be of minimal resources and facilities, and the students will be gathered from few schools at a close proximity, to widen the beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries of the project:

Advanced Level, Ordinary Level and Scholarship Level students, with a series of seminars covering the important, exam focus areas of syllabus


  1. Assisting to pass the exams gaining good results
  2. Career counseling, assisting students to make better career decisions
  3. Providing student motivation
  4. Poverty alleviation
  5. Improving the standards of living

Recent Events of Colour A Dream


Path To Wisdom Along With My Dream School

On 30th October 2016, Path to Wisdom team did a very inspiring and a fruitful Future Guidance Program with the collaboration of the 7th My Dream School project held at Lelwala, Wickramasinghe Vidyalaya,Galle.


Path To Wisdom English Program

On 24th July 2016, Path to Wisdom realized the requirement of a proper guidance to study English, for a set of students from Rathnapura, and successfully held an one day English Seminar for them.


Path To Wisdom Motivational Seminar Program

On 1st July 2016, Path to Wisdom travelled to Salawa, Kosgama area (where the people and children were effected from landslides) and held a motivational seminar to inspire them to hold on to hope and courage.

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2016 in Pictures

Benevolent People Words

  • Joining IMCD was one of the best decisions I have taken. It gave me a new purpose, new experiences, aspirations and above all a new set of friends who added joy, value and warmth to my life.
    Gimhani KavindiSenior Program Manager - My Dream School
  • It is indeed highly commendable how Needy Readers have understood the value of reading and donate books to students from schools like this.

    PrincipalSri Sumanajothi Vidyalaya
  • IMCD has a vision to help underpriviledged communities all around the country. I’m really happy where IMCD is today, impacting so many people and communities. I wish you good luck for all future work and plans.

    Upul ChameeraCo- Founder and BOD

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