Not Because we are more capable than somebody else, but simply because we are humans…

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coverHave you ever questioned the purpose of your existence?  Ever questioned “why” you do the things you do ? If you are subconsciously saying yes  then your answer must be something like ”to live a fulfilling life, a happy life, a rewarding , content life.. the list goes on! “ The question is, how do you do that?

Looking at many people who have lived a fulfilling life, or claimed to have lived, one always puts the emphasis on what they did for others. On how they lived their life not for themselves, but for others who could never pay them back. The selfless people who lived before us made the world a little better by doing what they can.  Each and every one of us owes something to the people around us. It is not because we are more capable than somebody, but simply because we are human beings.

Keeping this in mind, we at IMCD started helping out schools around the country with the project named “My Dream School” .  The aptly named project was focused on uplifting educational standards of rural schools and students who have a  willingness to go that extra mile to achieve great things in life. The project focuses on building /renovating school in terms of infrastructure and providing stationeryand educational support to every childto last one whole year!  We humbly take pride in helping out more than 2000 school children all around the country. If comple5ting seven successful project initiations in different districts in Sri Lanka has taught us anything it is that we still have a lot more to do than what we have already done.

Project My Dream School phase eight is set to put into action on January 2017 with the help of the amazing volunteers of IMCD. And this time we are planning to help out a school in Eastern province in Sri Lanka. Situated in Batticaloa west , Vilavaddavan Vinayakar Vidyalayam in Batticaloa has a count of 211 students who are struggling to excel in their education. 4They come from poverty stricken families who have the will to learn but lack the opportunity to do better because they are a little behind in resources. Despite the fact that they lack resources, they have a dedicated set of teachers who try their best to provide these students with a wholesome well-rounded education.   We are planning to aid them with their education with our level best at phase eight of project MDS.

The event will take place in Batticaloa school  on January 21,22 and 23rd.Team My Dream School is planning to renovate, paint school buildings desks, chairs, roofs and aid in many other activities that’ll essentially build a whole new wonderful school at the end of two days. In addition to all this we will give a full school pack comprising of all the necessary stationery items to every child when they walk into their new school on Monday! 2 Based on the school requirements, we are planning to give away sport equipment, musical instruments etc, on the day of the event.

This noble attempt to uplift educational standards of the school requires a lot of effort and time along with financial assistance. This is where you can also contribute to p help us by any means possible. Be it may, goods, stationary or financial donation, every cent counts.



Here is  a shortened list of items we need to purchase for the event. A more detailed list can be  requested from  our project members. You can donate via Takas :

  • Stationery Pack for Each Student including, school bad, bottle, lunch box and
  • Essential stationery items
  • Classroom packs including Chalk, Maps, Mathematical Support Material, etc
  • Books and cupboards to the Library
  • Agriculture equipment
  • Music instruments to initiate a Western Band
  • Sports Equipment for Cricket, Volleyball, Football and Chess
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • First Aid supplies

If you are thinking of making a real impact in this New Year and being the person you always wanted to be, do join us on this journey to make someone happy in the most sincere way possible. We welcome individuals, organizations, financial donations or simply the smallest contribution that will help us to bring this plan into reality.

You can also be a part of My Dream School next event by taking part on the final day of the event..It sure will be an amazing experience for you to see the kids faces light up when they open their new school bags; we guarantee that you will have happy tears in your eyes with a heart full of memories by the end of three days!(Here you can find the event page: )

Let us all put our collective effort in making this dream school a reality on this new year and help make a kid’s dream of good education come true. After all, it is not just our duty, but our purpose of life to help someone who cannot repay us!

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– Eranga Gunasekara –

  • Sharmini Wickremasinghe

    My Trip to Batticaloa for My Dream School Project VIII

    What do you get when you put a bunch of energetic and passionate people in their early to mid 20s on a bus with a mission to change their world? An exhilarating and unforgettable ride! I had the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life at the recently  concluded My Dream School Project 8 at Vilavaddan Vinayakkar Vidyalaya, a tiny school nestled in a quiet corner across a paddy field some 30 km from the town of Batticaloa in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. On January 20th Friday night we loaded a bus with paint, brushes, backpacks and school supplies and set off from Colombo watching the stars as the wind swept our faces as we leaned out the windows, some of us getting some shut eye along the way.

    The little village was just waking up when we arrived at the school. We unloaded the bus and after brief instructions got working right away. We worked in teams some painting the walls of the classrooms and others painting desks and chairs. We kept painting with breaks for tea and lunch. All meals were provided by the parents of the school. They brought the food and prepared it on  school premises making sure we had hot nutritious meals. The children of the school came to  school despite it being a Saturday to cheer us on. The kids returned after school in their regular clothes. After work was done in the evening we had a dance off with the kids. They loved it and so did we! The last task before dinner was to stuff brand new backpacks with books, pencils, pens and other needed school supplies and toiletries assembly style. The fresh scent of books brought back childhood memories of getting ready for the 1st day of school!  After dinner and much needed showers we hit the mats and went to sleep.

    On Sunday we continued to paint the classrooms and exterior walls. We also repaired some broken furniture, and playground equipment and painted the swing set with bright and happy colors of blue and pink! The kids couldn’t wait for the paint to dry to try them out. The classrooms were also swept and tidied up for the big day along with the school grounds.

    On Monday Jan 23rd we were ready at 6:30 am to get the ball rolling for the official handing over of the restored and renovated school looking  brand  spanking new! As we got the stage and hall ready we were delighted to witness  the eager and expectant faces of students as they walked in and took their seats.

    The ceremony started with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp. Speeches were made by the Principal of the school, teachers and students  thanking IMCD and MDS for taking the initiative to come out and help improve the school and help the children by providing much needed school supplies, classroom supplies, sports equipment and musical instruments as well. The Needy Readers too made donations of packages of books to enhance the school library. Thereafter the children walked up to the stage according to their grades and each one received a backpack of their own. There was so much excitement as they opened their backpacks to discover their treasures later.  Afterwards there was a dance recital by a group of students decked in beautiful costumes. Two IMCD volunteers shared their experiences of working with IMCD and giving back to the community by  helping light up children’s lives and their futures. The event concluded with the team singing a song of unity and cooperation. Then it was time for photos with  students, teachers, staff, and  parents along with  lots of selfies!

    Soon after lunch we boarded the bus back to Colombo and there was lots of singing, and chatter and sharing of snacks and life stories along with crazy Bollywood moves and a few games of charades to complete the journey. We arrived back in Colombo tired but energized in soul and spirit knowing we made a difference in the lives of 211 children and their families.  Also eagerly waiting to sign up for the next My Dream School Event.

    Backpacks, school supplies, paint, thinner, brushes etc. etc.           –  Rs xxxxx
    Impacting a child’s life  -Priceless!