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‘Prettiest is when those with velvet wings take flight’~
Anonymous poet

ColourA Dream, the third initiative by IMCD, marks the end of the year with its Annual Scholarship Awarding Ceremony, taking one more step forward in colouring the untouched dreams of the innocent and the underprivileged.

This year, the aptly named “Stairway to their Dreams – 2016” gave away 18 Scholarship Packages to ColourA Dream’s long-standing beneficiaries of 3 years; lively, talented, ambitious and innocent students from Colombo area and outstations as well.

Colour A Dream, throughout the year, supports these students in their educational needs, these students who were selected as deserving, based upon distinct criteria and the recommendations of responsible persona. The end of the year signals a fresh academic beginning for the students, and that is when the Team ColourA Dream gears up “Stairway to their Dreams” as a means of giving these young, talented souls a chance to shine in front of a prestigious gathering and to inspire them to hone their skills.

Hence the chance to climb up to a stage and perform, to meet inspirational figures and to smile.

The beneficiaries were granted the honor and pleasure of three esteemed guests:the Chief Guest, Mr. Sachinda Dulanjana and the Guests of Honor, Mr. Umesh Moramudali and Mr. Paschal Dike.

15337614_896601260476419_8924177956632009006_nThe Chief Guest, Mr. SachindaDulanjana is currently the Official Youth Delegate to the United Nations and the Asia Representative for the Commonwealth Student Association. He carried out an enjoyable and an interactive session which inspired the students to look past failures and criticism with courage and to succeed with perseverance. It was delightful to see the eager participation of the beneficiaries and the rest of the audience.

Mr. UmeshMoramudali, an undergraduate majoring in Economics in University of Colombo, but a young man of many accomplishments, being a freelance journalist for Ceylon Today for 4 years, representing Sri Lanka at the World Youth Conference, being the Sri Lankan Team Leader for South Asia Economics Students Meet, was an inspiration to the whole audience. His story of triumphing over his own disabilities was one of the most encouraging things a struggling student could hear.

15355582_896599807143231_3003068462308040101_nThe gathering was fortunate enough to be graced with the presence and the mentoring of Mr. Paschal Dike, World President of Junior Chamber International, the first Nigerian to be elected thus. An individual internationally recognized for his contribution towards the growth of young leaders and the community development, Mr. Dike delivered an interactive session which spoke of trials and triumphs of education. He was accompanied by Mr. IsuruSamarage,President of Junior Chamber International,Sri Lanka.

15337546_896609183808960_8317678443288518943_nThe proudest moment of the day was to see the performances of students and the genuine smiles and happiness of parents and children, and knowing we, the volunteers at IMCD, are the reason for that.

The Scholarships were distributed by the Guests and the IMCD members alike, beautifully orchestrated by the Team ColourA Dream.The event also included a Past Member Appreciation segment, much to the surprise of the past ColourA Dream members who were present at the venue. And the event successfully concluded with immense support from sponsors, partners for the event and the volunteers.

However, the highlight of the ceremony were the little faces full of innocent smiles; smiles of delight, gratitude and hope. Hope for tomorrow.


Hence it wasindeed “ prettiestwhen those with velvet wings take flight”, but I take the liberty to add there, that “happiest is when we mend those wings to might.”

Happily in volunteering,

Roomini Wijayarathne,


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