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Sri Lanka & Slovakia Together

SAMAYA is an initiative of two young people from Slovakia, who want to improve the quality of education in Sri Lankan elementary schools. We don’t want education to be something only for richer countries and families, but we want to provide also poor children with adequate knowledge and capabilities. Our vision is a good quality education for kids in Sri Lanka, which will give them hope for a better future.

What are we doing?

We are fundraising money that will help to improve the education and school environment conditions of elementary schools in Sri Lanka. From the money we are buying stationeries, library books, exercise books and sport equipment. Also, we are trying to improve the school environment with f.e. building a place for sport activities (volleyball, rugby, revitalizing the playground) or making the school environment safer for kids by repairing the ground etc.


Who are we?

Julia– fell in love with Sri Lanka two years ago during her development internship where she was teaching English at a local primary school. Already back then, she has decided to help the school and kids she was teaching. She has organized a fundraising event with support of her Slovak friends and family, and as a result the school was provided with a new playground and a sound system, and all kids got new stationeries, warm lunch and the poorest got new shoes. She wants to continue helping Sri Lankan kids and support their education, thus Samaya has been createdJ


Veronika – Julia’s friend, who sees a purpose in helping Sri Lankan kids. She believes that helping others and doing something additional to your daily job is crucial and important. This can have many different forms; from helping elderly people with daily activities or taking dogs in a shelter for a walk, to supporting the quality of education of elementary schools in Sri Lanka. That’s why, one day while having coffee with Julia, she suggested to create some sort of organization, that would enable also other people join and help people far away from Slovakia and do something useful for this worldJ



How can you join?

The main idea of SAMAYA is to financially support two elementary schools in Sri Lanka every year, which need it the most. You can send anytime during the year a voluntary amount of money to the bank account and every 6th month the money will be sent to Sri Lanka. After the money will be transported, our partner organization IMCD will purchase the equipment and organize the event for the school. The whole event will be documented by photos and videos, which will enable every donor to see where the money ended.

IMCD is the non-profit organization in Sri Lanka, who will be our ‘right hand’ and who will help us with the organization directly in Sri Lanka. We personally know the establishers of the organization, which guarantee us the transparency of the whole process.



Nowadays there are so many different organizations, foundations, fundraisers etc. but the donor usually doesn’t know where his money actually ended. We believe that transparency is the key to gain people’s faith. Since we have a direct contact in Sri Lanka, we can guarantee you that in the end of every fundraising event you will see with the pictures and videos the result and where you money went. Transparency is our Alfa and Omega.


Why Sri Lanka? 

Sri Lanka is a country, which is often forgotten. We don’t know any fundraising activity in Slovakia that would support Sri Lanka in terms of improving the education quality of elementary schools there. SAMAYA is giving you the chance to help poor kids living 7500 km from you, in a different country and almost in a different world and improve so not only their education level, but also their future.

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