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There are a lot of under privilege children throughout the country who are capable of achieving great heights of life through their own skills.

We at IMCD have met these talented children through our “Needy Readers” project, have decided to initiate the project of “Colour A Dream” where anyone can help to make a child’s dream come true based on what we believe “From the society, To the society, With the society”

A Child’s dream is a delicate thing. If not treated properly, it will break into small pieces. Our initiative will help you to colour a child’s dream in a proper way without hurting their feelings.

How to Colour a Dream ? 

  • Donors
    Donors can be anyone who is willing to donate to make a dream of an innocent child come true. They can be Direct or Anonymous. They can select either to sponsor a child or do a single donation to our cause. Nonetheless, their donations will be highly appreciated.
  • Colour A Dream
    ‘Colour A Dream’ project team will be the bridge between the donors and the kids. The team takes the project very seriously and will maintain the transparency towards the donors and the kids. Donors will receive a report on the progress of the child they have donated money for, or a report on progress of the cause. In order to give accurate reports to the Donors the group will be continuously monitoring the progress of the children. In order to do this, two of the project members will be in touch with children all the time as a Project person or as a brother or a sister to the child.
  • Kids
    The child will have to improve their skills during time. Since the child is under constant observation of the project team,he will get the necessary support to develop themselves.

Our way of aiding children is as simple as follows,

More Details : Proceed to Colour a Dream Website >>

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