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International Movement for Community Development is an alliance of youth who pursuit to make the society a better place to live. Evolving around this phenomenon, IMCD spears across a wider perspective with the core principle of “From the society, to the society, with the society”. Being an exemplary social service organization, IMCD continuously seek new avenues of enriching the living standards of the community.

 IMCD upholds an unwavering integrity, honesty, consequent to the collaboration of passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, selfless young team of graduates, as its founders. All members have voluntarily joined with IMCD by sharing the same vision of creating a better world to live. Further, IMCD has nurtured a conducive environment that is enjoyable to work with.



To be the global role model in community centered social development.



International Movement for Community Development (IMCD) is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to facilitate the underprivileged community to uplift their livelihoods. Social, economic initiatives of IMCD are predominantly designed and implemented to strengthen the hands of the people who are in need.


Purposes & Objectives

1. Advancing the well-being of the society at all levels (Individual, family, rural, urban etc.)

2. To assist the underprivileged people in enhancing their economically, socially, and moral wellbeing

3. To empower the people in need to be self-dependent

4. To leverage the resource to the micro level community, who are deprived

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